When a 100-year-old box was opened by the grandma and granddaughter, they discovered a huge surprise within


Every time you visit Grandma’s place, it’s a brand-new exciting adventure.

What isn’t kept in her home on the far-off shelves and mezzanines!

There are tin boxes filled with colorful buttons, lovely shells that were formerly collected from the sea, and an antique “Lotto” in a linen bag.

A full collection of the most intriguing and odd “treasures,” which are so much fun to find!

As a result, the granddaughter of American Angela Smith was shocked to discover that her grandmother had a can of maize that was at least 100 years old in her cupboard.

Back in 1929, Angela purchased some canned corn; the jar was already rusted, but for some reason, she chose not to throw it away.

The granddaughter was skeptical of the jar’s century-old claim.

But how might the maize kernels have fared at this time? They most certainly degraded a long time ago.

The corn, however, was much older than the grandmother herself, so the grandmother and granddaughter decided to open the jar and see what had happened to it.

What was their shock when they discovered bright yellow grains within the jar that appeared to be perfectly new!

Furthermore, the aroma of canned food itself was delightful and enticing!

It was obviously too dangerous to try. The “century-old grain,” however, was a legitimate discovery.

Once more, the granddaughter was persuaded that the grandmother’s pantry was anything but a typical and “fantastic” location full of surprises.

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