These twins are now 13 years old and are so similar but so unlike


Renowned sisters Marcy and Millie had a lot of characteristics from birth.

They shared the same hair, eyes, and noses. Since they couldn’t tell them apart, many people mixed them up.

Of course, no one anticipated that this reality would alter in any way.

Yet, as they grew older, one of the daughters would shift every month, darkening her skin tone and altering the color of her eyes and hair.

Marcie remained blonde as a consequence, whereas Millie darkened.

The girls are twins, despite the fact that it may appear from the outside that they are of different nations.

What caused it, and why? Simply said, everything is different from their parents’ beginnings, as you can see in the picture below.

Their father, Michael, is from Jamaica and their mother, Amanda, is from England.

Notwithstanding the disapproval and mockery of others, they fell in love and remained together throughout their relationship.

Amanda fell pregnant shortly after the couple was married.

After the daughters were born, the parents made a joke about one being mom’s and the other being dad’s.

Only a few years ago, a photographer put a shot of the daughters on the cover of a fashion magazine, along with a story about them. This made the large family renowned.