Eight years have gone since a lovely girl disobeyed her mom and wed a man from a poor household


Esme was the sole parent of her child. When Avril was only a few months old, her husband abandoned the family, leaving them essentially without a source of support.

Even though the mother worked extremely hard to provide her daughter all she required, there was still not enough money.

The mother would frequently remind her daughter that she didn’t want her to live such a life.

I also emphasized the necessity of selecting a wealthy man if you want to avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

So when will you become weary of feeling isolated?

Avril listened to her mother, but she didn’t focus much on what she said.

She dreamed of a prince and a wonderful love, just like all girls do.

And she met this individual pretty fast in her life.

The girl had just turned 20 when she met Arthur. He was considerate, clever, beautiful, and diligent.

He was also kind to everyone. Just one “drawback” was that the young man came from a very low-income home.

While Avril kept her mother in the dark about her chosen one’s financial condition, she quickly realized that Arthur was not wealthy.

Esme confronted her daughter in a direct dialogue, asking her to choose between breaking up with the poor guy or letting him go home with him.

The mom declared that she would not drag her beggar son-in-law along with her.

And as she had promised, she tossed them out the door after learning that Avril had disobeyed her and married Arthur in secret.

The newlyweds did not give up. In the suburbs of the city, they rented a small, claustrophobic one-bedroom flat.

They first had meager lives while working two part-time jobs in addition to their academic studies.

The situation for them improved gradually. Arthur and a friend started their own auto repair shop after high school graduation.

Lucky for them, the boys possessed golden hands. She  eventually moved into their opulent apartment with her spouse and 3-year-old son after 8 years.

The fam had everything they needed: they went to resorts twice a year for vacation, acquired two automobiles, and bought a piece of land on which to start constructing a cottage.

The woman was able to escape the decree and create her own beauty parlor with the aid of her husband’s financial support owing to the efforts of both her husband and Avril.

She was also doing well. Avril and her mother didn’t exchange words.

As if nothing had occurred, Esme contacted her daughter and started asking her about her life.

After giving a chilly response and citing her hectic schedule, Avril abruptly hung up.

She found it uncomfortable to converse with the guy she loved the most in the world, but she denied him and his grandchild because of want for money.

Arthur overheard the entire exchange. He knew right once that it was Avril’s mother who had called.

You’re being too harsh on her, honey. Let’s show her we’re smarter. Give her a chance instead of making petty remarks; what if she really repents?

The girl recognized and sensed the difficulty her mother was through.

It’s not her fault that she became abused as a result of her mother’s struggle to raise and provide for her.

And when Arthur was getting ready for work in the morning, he heard, “Well, hello, Mom,” coming from the next room.