He hasn’t had his hair trimmed for 5 years. Here how he looks now!


This eight-year-old youngster already has a sizable following. And it’s all because of his hairdo.

Farook, a native of Britain, had magnificent hair by the time he was 2 years old.

She made the choice to take her kid to the barbershop, but something happened that drastically altered their life.

“Faruk and I visited the grocery shop one day. A lady snapped a photo of my child and posted it online as I was paying at the register.

Of course, I didn’t feel well. But after reading the comments, I became confused.

Farook’s hair was praised by onlookers. According to what they wrote, they too desire similar curls, explains Bonnie.

She set up her child’s Instagram profile the same day and started uploading all the pictures she had on her smartphone.

Almost 5000 individuals joined his account in the initial month. Farook received his first invitation to a fashion show in New York when he reached 5 years old.

Everything was paid for by the fashion company, including the Farook and mom’s bags from the newest Louis Vuitton line as well as their travel, lodging, meals, and shopping.

The child has previously been in shampoo advertisements and is currently modeling for well-known companies.

While she acknowledges that it is difficult due to the son’s very curly hair, mom takes care of her son’s hair herself and makes every effort to maintain it healthy and well-groomed.

While the length is currently greater than 60 cm, they will not be chopped just yet.

The number of subscribers to Farook’s account has already reached several hundred thousand, and they all adore him and only ever write positive remarks.

Our best wishes go out to this wonderful man!