Up to the very 18th… No one really believed everything this man said


A certain person has been digging a huge hole for the past 18 years since he is such a phenomenon of a workaholic.

Simply because 18 years ago, he was told to dig by a whisper or a voice from above.

Since then, this little man of Salvadoran heritage, now 69 years old, has persisted in rising at three in the morning and spending the whole day hidden in an exposed tunnel.

Then he will climb back before dusk while carrying about 40 kg of soil that he scoops out of his mine.

Before the same voice tells Salvodorets that his tunnel is adequate, he expects it to take some time to dig one.

He compares his efforts to those of Noah, whose life is described in the book of Genesis.

They also did not believe him and did not offer to help, which causes Noah to endure the same issue.

The majority of people do not trust him, despite his fans and a few daring bystanders who desire to enter his tunnel.

The only reason none of the visitors could reach the other end of the tunnel was the lack of oxygen deep below.

The man, who asserts to be one of a small group of people who can see the light at the end of the tunnel, says.

Weirdly, this man is not the only one who yearns for profundity.

In the Mojave Desert in El Paso, in the southwest of the USA, a man by the name of Schmidt dug a 2087 meter tunnel using just his hands over the course of 32 years.