This is what did the bus driver when he saw an elderly woman attacked by a thief


Call the emergency services immediately and, if possible, assist the victim if you witness an attempted theft or attack.

It is not always simple to guard against thieves, who can strike at any time of day or night. They target the elderly and those they consider to be the weakest, but fortunately, these criminals do not always get away with it.

A bus driver from Miskoic, Hungary, was on his usual route when he suddenly saw a thief rob an elderly woman.

While the woman diligently attempted to defend herself with her cane, the thief was attempting to steal her purse.

However, Zsolt Kis Károly, the bus driver who had witnessed the incident, had not seen the thief. The bus driver made a decision right away.

He desired to assist the woman. So, he got off the bus and went after the thief, which was fortunate for him.

Zsolt escorted the stunned woman onto her bus and notified the authorities while the thief swiftly returned to his heels.

Later, he said that he knew right away that he had to get involved. I thought it looked like a robbery when I saw a young man sneak up behind the lady. I had to step in, but that wasn’t enough for me.

The bus driver states, “I parked the bus, and fortunately, everything was recorded by the cameras on the bus.” The bus’s security camera captured everything and documented what took place.

It is listed below. Thankfully, this brave driver got the job done right, and everything turned out well.