Their family’s kids don’t attend school; instead, they learn outside in nature


Homeschooling is the subject of many debates. Nonetheless, although some disagree, others actively use this system.

For instance, four-child parents Amy and Steve Sale felt that regular education was too demanding for their four children.

Although the eldest son completed his education in a traditional school, his daughter Ebony was forced to switch to home schooling when she was 13 years old.

For the family, making the choice was difficult since there was a lot of social pressure because not everyone around them thought this type of schooling was good and appropriate.

Amy, though, started looking for a method to simplify family life.

Then I discovered a community on social media where parents with experience discussed the concepts of “natural learning,” where the child selects what to study and the learning process happens outside, rather than at home.

Ebony was the first to assess such a novel method. She was a very shy, timid, and quiet student at a traditional school.

She too had an incredible transformation after beginning “natural learning” and developed into a highly friendly youngster.

After Ebony, two little kids were also expelled from their regular schools.

And shortly after, the family relocated from the United States to Australia, where they started living in a mobile home and touring every state in their new home.

Along with teaching their children how to pick safe locations to swim, fish, and learn more about geography, parents liked performing arithmetic with their kids, calculating gasoline costs, and having family budget discussions.

Everyone also got to know the local flora and wildlife. Amy and Steve are of the opinion that this type of training is far more effective and beneficial than simply sitting at a desk in a classroom.