The physicians performed the unimaginable when this baby, who was born weighing just over 200 grams


The physicians performed the unthinkable with this baby, who was delivered weighing little over 200 grams.

They worked nonstop to offer him a chance of survival despite his incredibly low birth weight and the many difficulties that came with it.

Babies born at such a low weight are especially prone to premature delivery, which is a leading cause of infant death.

Numerous problems, including respiratory distress, hypothermia, and brain bleeds, are common among them.

Although there was a little possibility the infant would survive, the physicians persisted.

The infant was given the attention he required to flourish, and they worked around the clock to perform the required medical procedures.

They kept a close eye on his vital signs and gave his little body the sustenance and oxygen it needed to survive.

The infant started to gently but steadily put on weight and get stronger in spite of all the difficulties.

His little limbs lengthened, and the pink color of his skin indicated good health.

The parents were overjoyed and appreciative as the physicians expressed their astonishment at his development.

The physicians realized they had accomplished the impossible when the infant continued to flourish.

They were proud and happy that they had given this tiny creature a chance to live and develop.

The infant ultimately went home with his devoted parents after being released from the neonatal intensive care unit.

A tribute to the commitment and diligence of the physicians who never gave up on him, he is today a healthy toddler.

They will always be remembered for their unceasing efforts and unshakable dedication to preserving his life.