The neighborhood’s women come together for a fantastic “Grease” dance


No matter your age, dancing is a fantastic way to communicate, express yourself, and exercise.

The globe should be exposed to the dancing team’s talent, according to Zaldy Lanas.

All-female dancers of different ages chose to shock the audience with their rendition of the Grease song “You’re the One That I Want.”

Even though these women are novices, they do a fantastic job of adhering to Lanas, their leader, and being a unit on the beat.

The work that his students produced should make Lanas extremely happy.

The joy on their faces was the nicest part of it. They were obviously having a fun.

While the music plays, it’s clear that age is only a number since young and elderly are mingling together.

Anybody can make dance appear simple when they are good at it.

Through dancing, Zaldy Lanas likes encouraging others to find their own creative expression.

He reasoned that it would be the ideal song for his female-only team to perform in order to encourage people and promote their talent.

Who knows how many individuals watched this video and believed they too could accomplish this?

Such an expressive art is dance. Lanas and those like her are a great inspiration.