The most cozy but creative idea ever. How much was spent and how it was acquired


Photographs of a British man, 36 As a result of Matt Giles’ extensive Internet presence, he chose to display the floor he created out of his own hands to everyone.

It should also be highlighted that his concept is better-looking than the priciest and most exclusive ventures.

Silicone makes up the top layer. It is inconvenient to drop coins on the ground.

When Matt Giles and his wife made the decision to build a floor in their home, they searched the whole Internet for a project that would work.

They decided to create a floor out of pennies, which was a brilliant and insane concept at the same time.

The inventive pair first went to the post office and neighborhood banks to exchange all of the paper money for coins.

They had to provide the bank 270 pounds in exchange for 27,000 coins, which they then got.

Sharing the business and the money is more enjoyable. The grouting of the floor is the next step.

Matt was employed for six weeks. The components were initially set down on a silicone-coated floor.

Despite how laborious this procedure ended up being, Matt’s pals were happy to assist him.

Epoxy resin completes the process. When the components were evenly spread throughout the floor, a special solution was used to rub them together to ensure that there were no cracks.