The man grew flowers for his blind wife for ten years


Each year, hundreds of tourists go to this pink phlox glory to take in its beauty, enjoy its smell, and show their respect for 86-year-old Toshiyuki Kuroki, who designed the flower carpet.

The sole purpose of a man’s 20-year cultivation of phlox is to allow his 76-year-old blind wife Yasuko to interact with visitors by inhaling their scent.

Astonishingly, this pair wed in 1956 despite the fact that they had no affections for one another at the time and their parents had approved of the union.

Toshiyuki and Yasuko eventually became true family members nevertheless, since they over time fell in love.

Agriculture was the couple’s primary source of employment, although it didn’t pay well.

The family’s parents made the serious decision to become experts in dairy farming after the birth of three children.

After putting in a lot of effort, the spouses’ agricultural started to produce substantial income.

After the kids had grown up, the business had been established, and the couple had resolved to save money, they set out to travel around Japan.

However, Yasuko began to feel ill one day, her vision began to rapidly worsen, and she was forced to visit the hospital.

Despite the physicians’ lack of a serious finding, the woman soon went fully blind.

It later became apparent that Yasuko, 52, had diabetes, which was a contributing factor in her visual loss.

Toshiyuki saw in the spring that his pink phlox plants attracted attention from passersby.

He then came to the conclusion that if his wife was unable to socialize with others, then people would come to her and admire their flowers, and she would breathe in their aroma.

The man needed two years to prepare a 3,000 square meter site. He fertilized the soil and removed the weeds.

And in a flash, dozens of people flocked here to admire the elegant carpet of pink flowers that had bloomed.

Up to 5,000 visitors every year come to the Kuroki Garden, which is now well-known across Japan, and are all warmly greeted by Yasuko.

She is unable to see the beauty that her devoted husband has made for her, but she can smell how beautiful they are.