The little youngster who was designated a genius at the age of 5 has provided an account of his present way of life


The child was recognized as a mathematical prodigy when they were five years old.

He began attending Cambridge at the age of 15. Now, the location and nature of its work surprise many.

Arran Fernandez, who was 15 at the time, enrolled in Cambridge University in 2010.

Scientists were surprised by the boy’s achievements at the age of just five.

The youngster has mastered arithmetic at the GCSE (high school in Britain) level, whereas other children are only beginning to grasp the kindergarten curriculum.

Arran spent eight years at the University of Cambridge studying before he was awarded the title of Senior Specialist after passing a math exam.

In 2018, he obtained a master’s degree, and later, a Doctorate. The associate professor is the newest student to enroll at the institution since 1773.

According to Arran, other Cambridge students immediately recognized him as a celebrity.

Despite the fact that he was older than the other students, he was never uncomfortable.

Being younger than someone else usually doesn’t mean anything. I’m naturally good at chatting to and establishing friends with people of different ages,” Arran said.

He frequently used the word “wunderkind” in his speech, but the genius himself believes it is unnecessary.

He favors a strong work ethic and training over natural talent, which is how he has accomplished amazing things.

A prodigy serves no useful function. In my opinion, nurture—rather than nature—is the key element.

Arran thinks his parents have provided him with a strong foundation for life.

The great home education Arran had from his family when he was little is hardly anything he remembers.