The infertile mother became pregnant with two daughters and two boys after adopting two girls and two boys


Maxine and Jacob Young want a big fam. Sadly, the anticipated pregnancy did not materialize.

The enthusiastic couple made the decision to adopt as a consequence.

Three siblings were given to them in captivity.

They were two, four, and eleven-month-old infants.

Their younger sibling, who Jacob and Maxine also fostered, was born a month later.

The couple kept their desire of having their own despite having 4 kids at once.

The Youngs made the decision to apply for IVF as a consequence.

Before their much anticipated baby Henry was born, the couple went through many miscarriages.

It appears that there is nothing else to fantasize of. They got all they desired.

And then she discovers she is expecting again. But this time there will be no preparation or specific processes.

The delighted parents went for an ultrasound.

And now they were ready for another surprise: four heartbeats!

How are things going? After all, multiple pregnancies are common as a result of IVF.

But… The infants were delivered at 32 weeks and spent time in the critical care unit.

And the end consequence was nine children in only a few years!

But, in any case, Jacob and Maxine are really happy right now.

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