The 73-year-old woman sought help from “The makeover guy”. She appears 40 now!


Sometimes the best course of action in life involves making significant adjustments and getting a makeover.

And that is precisely what the 73-year-old did. She goes by the name Sarah Chisolm and hails from Boston.

She claims that despite being in her 70s, she feels like she is 40.

She had always wished to alter some aspect of her look, maybe getting rid of her long hair for a significant transformation.

You may have already witnessed the miracles of “The makeover guy,” and this time he was there to assist Sarah as well.

The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2019 and garnered a lot of nice and helpful feedback.

The woman claimed that she completely trusted the hairdresser and that she just let him work his magic.

He actually performed a magical act. Sarah’s face once more shone, and her grin was big and lovely.

Those who commended her in the comments said they were glad that older ladies still cared for their appearance and that she looked stunning for her age.

If you are considering altering anything about yourself, act on it right away and relish the many manifestations of you that will result from it.

It has the power to revitalize you and improve your life. Enjoy viewing the video above to see how Sarah has changed!