Small group of aged dancers perfectly mixes line dancing with Disco to Bee Gees classy “Night Fever”


Watching a group of people performs flawlessly synchronized is always enjoyable.  Or, even if they aren’t, they may just radiate powerful and upbeat energy through their dancing.

Perhaps this is due to the group exchanging energy with one another, which makes the audience feel that energy as well.

We’d like to show you a troupe from Rome, Italy, dancers. With their positive energy and coordinated dance moves, they ruled the internet.

The band goes by the name “Young hearts Rome.” They specialize in line dancing and Zumba. The dance was choreographed in an outdoor location in the capital of Italy.

Additionally, this adds a sense of uniqueness to their performances and makes them even more unusual.

The fact that many of the dancers are seniors or middle-aged makes the video special and worth watching, as you can see. They put in a lot of effort to produce a positive video and share it with us all.

Many of their videos are getting millions of views and are becoming increasingly popular. After posting a video, they get more and more fans and followers, which motivates them to go further.

They dance how they want to do it and do what they enjoy, and they are overjoyed to know that other people appreciate and adore it.

In the video below, check out one of their most amazing dances, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. We hope you will like what you see!