She made the smart decision to take revenge when her husband forcibly ejected her from the house


The husband requested a divorce and kicked his wife out of the family home as a consequence of domestic disputes.

The woman was given a portion of the land 5 meters from the old home by the court, which ruled in her favor.

Just 2 to 5 meters wide, the space was extremely constrained yet was sufficient for a cunning act of retaliation.

Her husband’s extreme jealousy was the main factor in their divorce.

Because to this, the spouse was granted possession of the previous residence once the case was filed in court.

Even though the lady received a very little portion of the property, it nonetheless transferred to her.

The woman’s idea came when the construction project first looked too daunting.

Her concept was extremely uncommon since it required that a little plot of land and the actual residence be placed on a small stretch of land. Yet, in the end, everything turned out okay.

The new home was shaped like a trapezoid and measured just as wide as the front entrance at its narrowest point.

The area is also increasing, thus it was possible to construct rooms one after the other.

Moreover, there was a second level with bedrooms. The house has a total space of about 80 square meters, and a little garden plot has been set aside in front of the facade.

The wife did not add any windows on the wall that faced the ex-home husband’s and painted it black.

Every morning as he glanced out the window to see the black wall of his wife’s new home, the guy was irritated.

At last he made up his mind to sell it and go.