See what happened when a homeless man returned the millionaire’s wallet


This Thai guy named Waralop has undoubtedly tasted better times than the current.

He was 44 years old, worked odd jobs for many years, and lived beneath the metro station.

He came upon a pocketbook on the ground one day when he was at the station.

Despite the fact that he was in desperate need of money, he made the decision to return it to its rightful owner.

Unexpectedly, the bag turned out to belong to a millionaire, who made the decision to express his gratitude right away.

The owner valued the man’s humanity and honesty in particular.

The purse’s luxurious appearance is clear, and even inside it looked heavy for a guy in need.

However, he opted to give the handbag back to its original owner, which was a thoughtful move on his part.

Even when he gave it to the police, he didn’t look inside.

The fact that the bag was returned astounded the police as well because the man was able to retain the purse on himself.

Therefore, no one would even be aware of the matter.

It became obvious that there was a 20,000 bath ($520) and multiple bank cards inside not long after the owner was located.

Nifty Pongkriangyos eventually located the man and rewarded him for his honesty with 2,000 baths.

Additionally, he gave the man a job at one of his plants, where there was a dormitory for the workers.

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