Mom believed the triplets were napping, but they were actually carrying out their plan


Diaper rash cream was applied by the girls to themselves and the entire room. Lindsey Palmer, a 35-year-old woman from Glasgow, Scotland, took care of some personal things after putting her triplets to bed.

She went back to check on the kids an hour later, and it was obvious that Indy, Ella, and Lexi hadn’t slept in a while.

It was discovered that the girls had woken up and used a tube of Sudocrem, a cream for psoriasis and diaper rash, that was placed next to the beds to “decorate” the entire room as well as one another.

Once she saw the kids’ change, Lindsey couldn’t help but chuckle.

She quickly dialed her husband’s phone number.

From head to toe, the girls and the room were plastered in cream.

Mom answered the phone, and she even posted an amusing story about their family’s lives on social media.

Lindsay said that she initially detected a weird fragrance in the room before spotting her daughter’s white head and only then realizing that the cream was all over the place.

They exchanged amusing pictures on social media and laughed for a very long time with the entire family.

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