For several years, the homeless woman traveled with three luggage. Everyone initially believed it to be trash inside before learning the truth


An old woman named Wanda Witter, who recently turned 80, is the subject of this narrative.

Wanda is an intellectual woman in her 80s. Her life path cannot be described as straightforward, and it is unknown what would have happened if a social worker had not seen her. This is the key point.

Wanda worked as a typewriter throughout her teens, and even when she retired, she never gave up.

She learned a new trade, becoming a paralegal, and made the decision to travel to Washington in the hopes of finding employment in the nation’s capital.

Yet, a senior citizen has nowhere to go in the major metropolis.

She was only able to obtain temporary employment, and soon she was unable to pay her rent.

She ended up living on the street and was forced to utilize a rooming house or sleep in a sleeping bag there.

She was given a pension, but there was a problem: the amount varied drastically from month to month, from $300 to $900. She made an effort to ascertain the cause, but no one listened to the elderly and destitute woman’s pleas.

Wanda was aware that it would be exceedingly challenging to provide any evidence once the cheques had been cashed and the pension distributed.

She did not spend the money as a result, but instead mailed checks back to the business and demanded an explanation.

The widow had four grown children, but she kept them in the dark about her predicament.

Nevertheless, when her daughter found out, she convinced her mother to move in with her.

As long as she didn’t get her full size back, the woman threatened to stay.

In her luggage, the woman stored all of her correspondence with several departments.

Many began to assume that Wanda had gone insane since she constantly carried three enormous bags with her and that they were filled with trash because of this.

For 16 years, the old woman was obstinately housed in a homeless shelter.

A shelter employee named Julie Turner was the recipient of her account one day.

Wanda’s documents were requested by the female. They were astounded to see that the luggage’ contents were neatly piled folders of papers that had been gathered over many years.

Wanda was able to get a lawyer after Julie assisted her in doing so. Wanda Witter received a $99,000 wire payment on August 23.

According to the woman’s attorney, the government owes her more money than what was collected.

Wanda is still having trouble accepting her accomplishments. She eventually moved into a rental apartment and began a new life.

It is important to note that this woman’s tenacity is admirable.

She battled so tenaciously for the truth that she made the decision to live in a homeless shelter for many years before she could obtain justice.

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