After years of struggle, the widow, 52, decided to try a makeover. See her change


It is really painful to lose someone dear to you in life.

Yet while though we all go through roughly the same stages, our rates of development might vary greatly.

At 52, Maggie never anticipated losing her husband. She was having problems planning for the next day, so she made the decision to get a makeover to get her mind off it and give her thoughts a break.

She lacked self-assurance, shied away from other people’s eyes, and desired a genuine makeover.

She decided to get in touch with famous stylist Christopher Hopkins, sometimes known as “The makeover guy,” in 2019.

He has been posting videos on YouTube for a while now where, via various makeovers, he brings out the best in individuals and helps them regain their confidence after leaving the hair salon.

When Maggie got to sit in Christopher’s chair in the video below, it was a very emotional experience for her.

As she started to talk about her life, Maggie struggled to contain her tears.

She mentioned how her spouse was a police officer. But unfortunately, he died the day before he was to retire.

She wanted to move on from this incident that occurred a few years ago, and placing herself in Christopher’s care was the first step in that direction.

Despite the fact that she still missed her spouse, she was eager to begin a new chapter in her life.

The first thing she required was a change. Please share this with your friends and family if you like what you see of Maggie’s miraculous change above. I appreciate your interest.