After telling the judges that she was a doll rather than a human, this woman began to sing. It didn’t take Simon a while to react. See the video here


You have probably never seen anything or anyone like Sada Vidoo.

“Right now I’m not working because I’m a doll,” he says to the camera.

“I dress like a doll every day. Also, I have several appearances, outfits, and perspectives.

And it’s undeniable that Sada gives her appearance a lot of thought.

From her doll-like lipstick and short blonde hair to her jerky movements and vintage skirt, her ensemble is a sight to behold.

On the other side, the judges are unsure about their reactions.

Sada rejects Simon’s argument that she is a doll, despite his repeated assurances that she is not.

Yet as soon as she starts singing, Salamanca undergoes a complete transformation.

The rendition she sings differs significantly from Pat Benatar’s original rendition.

It has many little, doll-like peculiarities, but it’s also a unique song that will linger in your head.

The judges exchanged glances after hearing his words and their mouths dropped open.

The judges are unable to speak, so even when she has through, there is a protracted unpleasant quiet.

The majority of reviews are for Simon, but they vary widely.

Yet when it comes to casting a ballot, all four judges choose Sada. Share with your friends and family to make their day.