After five years, what does a little Japanese girl with lion hair look like?


We made the decision to narrate the story of a newborn whose hair was so thick that it resembled a juvenile lion’s mane.

Chanko, a little Japanese child, was born at the end of December of that year.

Her parents understood right on that their kid was distinct and extraordinary.

A big shock of blue-black hair covered her entire head.

Yes, a lot of infants have voluminous hairstyles. However, the first hairs are often fragile and fall out after 2-4 months, when they are replaced with permanent hair.

Yet Chanko was fortunate. She still possessed a true dark lion’s mane at the age of four months.

And even at six months old, the hairdo was essentially unchanged from when the baby was born.

Dark-haired Japanese woman Mani Kano’s mother made the decision to make use of her daughter’s incredible natural talent.

She created a distinct Instagram account for Chanko, where she started to post images of an interesting girl.

And the newborn was discovered right away. And as of right now, she has more than 360 000 members.

The small Japanese girl’s hair had everyone in awe.

Not just common Internet users took notice of Chanko.

The media and advertising firms made a point of drawing attention to the girl’s images since they were quickly becoming popular not just in Japan but also on the internet.

Chanko was chosen as the face of an ad campaign for a well-known shampoo company at the young age of one.

The girl co-starred in this commercial with Sato Kondo, a well-known national celebrity of Japan.

Chanko is currently five years old. She is flourishing and soaking up her parents’ and fans’ adoration.

The baby’s hair is still abundant and striking, but it has thinned down and become a bit lighter.

The girl actively accepts invitations to participate in photo sessions for fashion publications as well as a number of Japanese TV shows and other events.

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