A woman decided never to buy second hand clothes again after finding this note in her jacket pocket


Used is a great opportunity for many people to buy good things for little money. However, such purchases can also get into trouble, in which one of the female visitors of such an institution found herself.

One customer bought a trendy jacket in a beautiful red and it looked practically new.

He had longed for it and made her want it.

The girl paid for the purchase and returned home, imagining what beauty she would be at an evening party. But an unpleasant surprise awaited her.

“I tried on the jacket and automatically put my hands in my pocket. There was something in one of them-it looked like a coin. But when I took out the item, I realized that I was holding a note. I opened it and read it – I wish I hadn’t, “ the user said.

The inscription read as follows:

“I want to be buried in these clothes.”

The fashionista was sure that with such a message the e proprietaria The joy of the purchase was quickly replaced by sadness, since the desire of the owner of the thing never came true.

However, there is another version of the banknote in your pocket.

Perhaps the owner recovered and decided to start a new life with the update of her wardrobe, and the jacket was sent to charity. In this way, the girl tried to calm down.