A schoolgirl’s invention has the potential to save countless lives


As you are aware, hyperthermia or overheating may be just as harmful as hypothermia.

Yet the results can be devastating if a youngster is left stranded in a car under bright sunshine.

Every year, several dozen kids throughout the world pass away because their parents left them in the car on purpose, forgot they were there while they were gone on business, or the kids climbed into an open automobile and were stuck.

Although scientists from all around the world have considered solutions to this issue, none of them are actually viable.

Nevertheless, a 12-year-old American kid named Lydia Denton did it for them.

The girl, who had never been interested in inventions before, was deeply moved by the horrifying figures and made the decision to develop a tool that would aid in averting this issue in the future.

Instead, she began creating the system with the help of her 10-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother.

Lydia installed a sensor in the child car seat that would go off if a child weighing more than 2.2 kg sat in it.

When the temperature in the cabin hit 38.8 degrees, a specialized application started to sound the alarm and send a message about the risk to parent devices as well as to the emergency services.

Following that, a sensor was set up to monitor the cabin temperature.

This idea netted Lydia a prize of $20,000 in cash.

The young woman is delighted that her suggestion may turn into a useful tool for individuals and, more significantly, because it is reasonably priced.

The equipment costs approximately $50, roughly.