A disabled athlete assists a 2-year-old kid with his prosthesis as he takes his first steps


The milestones that will indicate a child’s development are in the thoughts of parents, such as the child’s first words, first steps, first day of school, etc.

Some, like children with impairments, must experience additional firsts that will leave their families and their lives marked.

Being accompanied by someone who has been there before is frequently a huge advantage, like in the case of Blake Leeper.

A paralympic athlete who won two medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and is renowned for being the fastest double amputee in history.

Silver in the 400 meters and bronze in the 200 meters were Blake Leeper’s two medals at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

He uses his two artificial legs to run. He has had trouble facing life after his successes.

Finally, he was able to escape his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He overcame his issues, got therapy, and now he helps others, including this 2-year-old kid.

Every day is a fresh start, but in a video he released on his Instagram account, he said: “This is my inspiration.

I make a commitment to continue battling so that young Children will have the best possible chance to compete at the greatest level.

little by bit The best of the best! KJ, a young kid of 2 years old, must learn to live with a prosthetic right leg.

It’s critical to have fellow denture wearers’ support, understanding, and understanding.


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How the two interact and advance together is seen in the video below. Congrats to Blake and KJ, and best of luck to them both!

They serve as a source of motivation for me to keep improving and learning new things.