A billionaire was given a life sentence after unintentionally including three additional words in a movie about himself


Robert Durst, a 78-year-old millionaire, was given a life sentence, according to CNN.

Because of a murder he committed more than 20 years ago, the old man received a life sentence.

According to the inquiry, Susan Berman, who was Durst’s lover and could have been able to tell authorities what happened after the millionaire’s wife vanished, was murdered by the former.

When the murder occurred, law enforcement had suspicions about the millionaire, but they lacked concrete proof to hold him responsible.

Robert admitted to killing his girlfriend after making a mistake in his speech.

The incident took place when an HBO television series was being filmed portraying the life of a prosperous businessman.

The man turned on the microphone before leaving to use the restroom.

The moment Robert walked off the scene, he said, “Well that’s it, you’re exposed. What took place? I eliminated them.

The staff forwarded this audio tape to the police because they thought it was odd. Durst was found guilty of murdering a neighbor in 2001.

The man’s attorneys did, however, succeed in showing that the crime was not premeditated and was instead undertaken in self-defense.

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