88-year-old skilled dancer dazzles judges with age-defying performance


The jurors and fans of Americas Got Talent were reportedly captivated by the “unexpected” appearance of an 88-year-old exotic performer during an audition.

She was considered as a cultural icon as the country’s oldest burlesque dancer.

Penny is a native of the Palm area in Florida. She joined the AGT stage with red, white, and blue feathers on.

When he asked her whether she was alone, she replied that she was a widower and had 6 spouses.

The media mogul asked the candidate if she would be open to tying the knot a seventh time.

Indeed, but opening them takes time, she retorted.

You’re a Lovely Old Flag by Penny served as her introduction.

The 4 judges were pleased by the old woman’s choice to remove her clothing one at a time.

Host sprayed the stage with red, white, and blue glitter as a thank you for the show.

Sofia gave her contender an applause and said, “Penny, I want to be you when I reach adulthood.

Heidi, a previous Victoria’s Secrets supermodel, commended Penny.

Simon was drawn in by the older dancer’s attitude and began to engage with her.

Then he then asked a potentially dangerous question that might influence Penny’s AGT outcome.

Would you remove more garments if you were to go on? Questioned by a media mogul, the participant.

The bubbly said, “I would, without a question.”

I would like to see more! Howie stated at that point. She received a 4 yeas.