22-year-old “mom” adopted 13 orphans from Africa; she now has 15 children


This admirable and brave tale centers on a 22-year-old woman who gave up her education to adopt 13 African children and become their mother.

Meet Kathy Davis, who for the first time in her life fell in love with the nation and the country of Uganda.

In order to protect and improve their situation, this American woman later became a missionary.

After receiving her high school diploma, she left her native Nashville at the age of 19 and travelled to Uganda.

Davis had the option to travel anywhere, but she chose to relocate to Africa.

She established her own group soon after to ensure that the local kids received an education.

Even though they opposed her ideas, her parents were the first to give money to help her find Amazima.

Her mission was to give the children with healthcare and education.

As you are aware, it is quite rare to find educated individuals in the majority of African nations.

The offspring of parents who have passed away must work on their own because the average life expectancy in this area is low.

As a result, they must stop studying and focus on housework.

The royal princess has a lot of pleasure and happiness during her eventful stay in Africa.

One of the newborn girls who was being cared for by her said “mother” to her for the first time on the third day.

She made such an impression that she immediately took 13 daughters.

In addition, the girl also discovered love in Africa.

She is partnered with Banji Majors, a missionary who has previously served in Uganda.

In 2015, they became legally married, and they later had two children.

This tale is very heartwarming and motivating! These truly are incredible!