What’s life like for a woman of ten kids, three of whom have Down syndrome?


The task of adoption is both incredibly noble and challenging. especially if you bring a kid who is “sunny”.

Yulia Stavrova-tale Skripnik’s is really original. Ten kids are being raised by Yulia. Just two of these are biological.

Nonetheless, the mother claims that she does not differentiate between her children and those who are not hers.

They are all blood relations. Three of the adoptive children had Down syndrome at birth.

For “sunny” kids, as Julia notes, things are not always simple.

The youngster Vova was therefore a blatantly antisocial child.

He flung himself at other people. He was therefore kept segregated at the shelter.

Vova was able to learn the first half of the alphabet after being adopted, and she started interacting with others normally.

Stavrova-Skripnik engaged in a great deal of training and communication with many professionals to educate him.

Roman and Yesenia, two more “sunny” kids, unintentionally broke into Yulia’s home.

It was requested that Stavrova-Skripnik conduct an interview with prospective adoptive parents of Roma and Yesenia.

Yulia also had conversations with the kids. When prospective parents were turned down, she herself chose to take on the role of their foster mother since she was so emotionally attached to their tale.

Yulia is required to work with kids nonstop, around-the-clock, every day of the week.

Nonetheless, the Moscower has no regrets about her choice to have a large family.

Skripnik, Stavrova’s spouse, is a trustworthy helper with child rearing.

The couples are making every effort to guarantee the heirs a successful future.