Three drowning kids were rescued by a pregnant woman. She is astonished that she has so much strength at that precise time


No boundaries can separate a mother’s love from her children.

There are several accounts of mothers’ extraordinary physical fortitude in difficult circumstances.

It shows up just when they need it. We’d like to tell you a tale about Alyssa Dewitt, who shown a remarkable amount of physical fortitude.

She wasn’t there to save her own kids, but as a mother, she was overcome with emotion when she witnessed three kids in danger of drowning.

She was at the beach with her kids when she first heard the screams and then saw the three kids, who were all under the age of 15, pleading for assistance.

Alyssa was five months pregnant at the time, yet even that didn’t cause her to pause for even a split second. That was in May 2021.

She dialed 911, but she was aware that she had to go in and save the kids right away; else, they wouldn’t survive the ordeal.

Because of this, she was compelled to use all of her power to save them, which she thankfully did.

The day following her brave deed, she remarked in an interview.

“I had tears in my eyes just thinking about that time. One of them remarked, “I’m going to drown here,” and I said, “I won’t let you drown; I’m going to pull you out of this water, and I did.”

The pregnant woman found it extremely challenging to battle the wind and the waves, but she now can’t even recall how she managed to bring everyone out since at the time, all she could concentrate about was saving their lives.

Further information about this story is available in the video above.

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