This determined woman fulfilled a childhood dream by losing 100 kg and becoming a genuine Barbie


Meet Kayla Lavender, a young woman with a strong sense of self-determination who overcame the stigma associated with her.

People occasionally derive their inspiration from even the smallest aspects.

As a result, Kayla’s beloved childhood Barbie served as inspiration in her case.

Even as an adult, the girl was unable to let go of her deepest love for her beautiful dolls.

In the meanwhile, Kayla’s obesity worried her much, and she often daydreamed about losing weight.

Hence, her affection for Barbie was what ultimately inspired her to change her course of action.

She awoke one lovely morning with the hesitant desire to alter her body type so she might relish her future.

She thus accomplished something crucial in her entire live thanks to her strong determination and, of course, her cherished idol.

As she revealed, at first it was hard for her, but she consistently preserved her motivation and lifestyle.

She devoted years of her life to achieving her ambition!

She now adores dressing up as her favorite Barbies and is quite proud of herself.

At age 36, she was able to shed 90 kg after making dietary and lifestyle changes. Previously, she weighed 155 kg.

Never wait until it’s too late to start making changes, she says.

She admits that she feels younger and beautiful than before and that she is now totally enjoying her life.

She feels that the urge to improve her life has also changed her soul, making her more self-assured and upbeat.