They were merely close friends. However, life is so unpredictable


The most real feeling that last till death is childlike adoration.

These events actually befell our story’s protagonists. Killie and Darren attended the same elementary school.

Together, they were always and everywhere. At school, on the weekends, after school, etc., they completed their assignments.

They were referred to as “couples” by their classmates, but the younger students stated they were only pals.

The family had to move when Darren was ten years old because his father was given a work transfer.

Due to the lack of a phone or email at the time, Keely and Darren have since lost touch.

In an effort to find their place in the sun, young people have grown up, planned their lives, and used every available tool.

They both began families. But the couple got divorced in 2015.

Keely once felt lonely after her husband departed, thought back to happier times, and made the decision to locate the former classmate she had been acquainted with on social media. She submitted a request as soon as she saw him in the picture.

The former pals wrote letters to each other for a while because they lived in separate places, but eventually they thought they could meet in person and communicate properly.

And it was this chance encounter that led to their fatal falling in love.

Now that Darren and Killie are getting ready for their wedding, they believe that the time they squandered was worthwhile.