These identical girls were born entirely different. And this is how they look now


Mom was so stunned for a while that she even forgot how to move when the newborns Lucy and Maria were brought to her for the first time to see her kids.

Although she was aware that she was expecting twins, she had no idea how unlike the children would be from one another.

This distinction has grown even more pronounced in the last 20 years.

The birth of identical twins is a remarkable enough occurrence in and of itself.

However, what really caught both parents off guard was that although the first daughter had brilliant red hair, blue eyes, and white complexion, the second had brown eyes and dark skin.

Obviously, the genes are to fault as dad Vince is all white and mom Donna is half black due to her Jamaican heritage.

But by that point, the couple had already given birth to three mulatto children.

Mom couldn’t have possibly predicted that we would be so different, as one of the twins, Lucy, stated.

When the midwife took us to mom, she was completely dumbfounded, so who.

We are not thought to be twins by anyone. Which is not unexpected because we will not all look same even if we wear the identical clothing not like sisters or even like twins.

Because they didn’t trust us, our pals once requested a copy of our birth certificate.