The sweet reaction of a 3-year-old kid to being adopted after spending two years in foster care has created a buzz


When she decided to adopt Michael Brown, his mother had no intention of doing so at first.

Michael just took part in a campaign to educate people about patronage.

In this arrangement, foster families house minors in need of guardianship while the government pays all associated costs.

She changed her mind, though, after some time spent with him.

Tara Montgomery consented to take in an 18-month-old son named Michael Brown in February 2015.

Since then, she and her children have raised him as their own.

Since it was anticipated that Michael would eventually be reunited with his biological mother, there were initially no intentions for adoption.

In the end, though, her parental rights were revoked.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Tara Montgomery, Michael Brown’s adoptive mother, said, “I am a single mother and did not initially contemplate the option of adoption.

But Michael made me rethink my intentions. I had the impression that he had always been a member of our family.

He gets up in the morning, walks up to me, and says, “Mom, I’m so happy.”