The smallest and cutest couple in the world got married while also breaking a Guinness World Record


The majority of the time, life astounds us, demonstrating that there are no clear-cut rules to live by.

Like these adorable newlyweds, who also broke a record on the same day they got wedded.

Introducing the newlyweds Katyucia and Paul da Silva, who tied the knot in 17.

While they are just 1.81 meters (71.42 inches) tall, they have big hearts and a lot of love to give.

The adorable pair had been dating for more than ten years and, like any relationship, had its ups and downs before getting married.

Initially, the wife admitted, Paulo was an annoyance to her since she believed he was only flirting with her on Facebook.

When the day and each other, however, got to know each other more, everything changed.

Afterwards, as Katyucia exclaimed joyously, they found it impossible to fathom ever living a day apart.

The couple’s unusual wedding was celebrated in London, demonstrating how much they enjoy being together.

In addition, their decision to promise perpetual love and fidelity to one another was the finest decision they had ever made.

They bragged about how important their close link and companionship were to their happy and sustained partnership.

They have always supported each other everyday and with amazing, unconditional affection.

Are these cutesy spouses without any other means of joy?

We send them unending affection and a lifetime of joy!