The reason why this wonderful grandma took careful notes during the film is warming readers’ hearts


The traditional image of grandparents is that they are all about showing their grandchildren unconditional affection.

The term “professional kid spoilers” is also sometimes used to describe them.

The younger children, on the other hand, value their loyalty and sincere affection for them.

Due to the same cause, this narrative gained such widespread popularity.

A kind grandmother watches a movie and makes notes in a video.

The loving grandmother of Jackson King was the subject of a TikTok story that went viral.

His adorable granny, Cheryl Skiados, was seated on the couch and holding a notepad.

As it turned out, she had been writing down all the crucial details including the heroes’ names while viewing Marvel films.

The loving grandmother demonstrated her commitment and affection by interacting with her grandkids.

She had to memorize every name in order to discuss them with her loved ones because the MCU now contains 22 movies, not including the 10 or 11 that are already out.

This is why her grandson could not help but be touched by her kind deed.

Hence, he recorded the entire procedure in which the grandmother meticulously took notes to demonstrate the genuine affection she had for her grandkids.

With 13 grandkids ranging in age from 6 to 22, picture how Cheryl would treat each one separately.

It truly is astonishing how pure love can be.