The grandparent’s garage was opened by the grandkids, who discovered what he had been keeping hidden for years. They became so rich!


The family of Kansas banker Paul Adair was aware of his interest in collecting old vehicles, but they had no idea how serious it was.

The widow didn’t learn that her husband had multiple garages or even disused salt mines until after his passing in November 2019, according to ClassicCars.

Former mines are employed as storage sites around the country since they are simple to keep at the right humidity and temperature.

An excellent location, in other words, to keep a few dozen unique automobiles hidden from the public.

Adair’s widow and kids were astounded to learn that the elderly man had been building a complete museum behind their backs for years.

Many rare models, including a copy of a 1979 Glen Pray Auburn Boattail Speedster, a 1970 Samco Cord, a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280, and a closed 1984 Chevy, were discovered by relatives in garages.

The 14 1932 Chrysler Plymouths in the collection were its centerpiece.

Mr. Adair, who was born in 1945, reportedly developed a specific fondness for the fashionable gangster type as a young child since it was then thought to represent success.

Employees at a retro-focused auction business were taken aback when they discovered themselves in a garage full of storied Plymouths.

Their ardent supporter evidently had little interest in keeping them in top condition.

Despite this, entire sets of original components for practically every rarity could be located in each of the garages.

Even the rarest models were in awful shape. a four-door convertible Plymouth Phaeton, as an illustration.

Just six of these vehicles, out of a total production of 259, had right-hand drive.

The “barn” of Paul Adair is where one of them ended up.

The good news for vintage automobile enthusiasts is that this collection will soon be offered at the Van der Brink auction house.

The unfortunate news is that the majority of these rare automobiles have failed throughout the decades they have been hidden from public view.