The couple’s 70-year-old fairytale marriage


Work goes a long way into maintaining fam ties.

After all, you should be able to love someone for who they are without attempting to change or teach them.

You should also be willing to compromise, accept your mistakes, and respect your partner’s views.

In the same desk at school, Osborne and Edith Hancock sat. Osborne’s ongoing emulation of him first irritated her.

But since then, things have altered dramatically.

The young individuals started to date and develop romantic ties with one another.

Following Osborne’s subsequent call-up to the army, Edith waited for her lover for two years.

When he came back, he proposed to the girl, and she accepted, which was Edith.

Both of them were 22 years old when they were hitched.

The day in question was 70 years ago. The love that they shared in 50 is still present today.

Disputes and misunderstandings, according to the couple, were commonplace in their family life.

Nevertheless, the group was successful on every exam.

Each letter she wrote to him while he was serving in the army received an answer from him.

According to the pair, after so many years of cohabiting, they already have a complete understanding of one another and can practically read their partner’s mind.

Even though they are 92 years old, they do not appear to have any signs of aging.

They are quite delighted to look after one another.