Teenager saves $5 notes she made a whopping amount of money doing chores over the course of a year


Teenagers discover that money is valuable and that it doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

You may either spend it all on anything you want until you have nothing left, or you can save it in case of emergency or for the future.

Every adult can agree that having the self-control needed to save money takes expertise!

Janessia, who is fourteen, is beginning early. On the Rachael Ray Show last year, financial expert Alexa von Tobel said that if you save $5 a week, you’ll undoubtedly have a sizable hoard after just one year.

So Janessia went to work and started saving all the money she had earned from chores and birthdays during the year.

She returned to the Rachael Ray Show armed with her loot and informed the presenter that she believed the bundle of $5 notes to be worth about $200.

However, Janessia and her mother were going to be shocked by the actual amount of cash they had brought to the performance.

The high school kid had amassed an incredible $1,400 in savings!

She was astounded, and her mother was especially happy that her little daughter was picking up such a valuable lesson at such a young age.

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