She was just born, yet now she’s a meme. How the serious baby from the popular photo looks three years later


A baby was born in Brazil about three years ago, and the photo of the child rapidly became viral after being posted online.

Doctors and parents were not concerned about anything strange when the baby girl was born because she was only a little infant.

They gave the infant the name Isabella Pereira de Jesus. Rio de Janeiro is where she was born in the year 2020.

Rodrigo Kunstmann, a long-time professional photographer who specialized in taking stunning photographs of infants at maternity facilities, is responsible for helping her become well-known.

Only a few seconds after her arrival, he was able to capture the infant on camera.

Even seasoned specialists were taken aback by the young girl’s grave countenance.

On Facebook, Rodrigo shared a photo of the infant. He captioned the picture, “Today is my birthday, but I don’t even have clothing.”

Later the photographer acknowledged that this particular picture had the power to alter his life and career.

The girl’s mother, Diane de Jesus Barbosa, revealed to the media about her peculiar personality, which is sometimes overlooked in infants: “Isabella constantly scowled when she needed to change a diaper or eat.

She expressed her unhappiness in this way. She was to be born a week later, but she got to pick the day herself because it was what the doctors predicted.

Rodrigo once more made the decision to photograph the child when she was 2 years old and posted the image online.

Now that the daughter has a profile on the well-liked social media site with more than 9,000 followers, her mother frequently updates it with amusing pictures of the infant while sharing significant and fascinating events from her life.