It is astonishing how a 250-year-old tower in Croatia was transformed into a pleasant cottage


There have been numerous beautiful and notable structures throughout history that have astounded us with their originality.

One of them is this amazing historic structure, which has been saved and transformed into a really distinctive dwelling.

It was initially constructed in 1761 by Franciscan friars as a windmill.

Then, the building has reportedly belonged to Lorenzo Tudor’s family since 1971, according to the website Airbnb.

This old building is situated on a hill with a view of Croatia’s island of Hvar.

It has been protected by the nation’s Cultural Heritage for over a century.

It has lately been renovated and made available for rental as a cottage. Until recently, it was regarded as a cultural landmark.

You probably won’t be astonished to learn that hundreds of people go across oceans to see this extraordinary and amazing mansion.

Visitors are willing to spend up to $188 a night to stay there and explore the old home’s interior.

This beautiful and opulent home was designed by renowned and experienced architects, who truly transformed it into a piece of art.

The four stories of the ancient building are contemporaryly furnished.

As you can see, there are all the comfortable and necessary amenities for a stay.

Also, the place where this oddity established is tranquil and well-ventilated.

The visitors may so spend the entire day here while escaping from the outer world.