In the ultrasound, the doctors didn’t notice anything. But as the dad looked more closely, he noticed something odd


Welsh It’s fair to say that Kelly Lewis is a contented person. She has a charming daughter that she raises with her spouse.

Also, she had a strangely entrancing moment a few months prior to the baby’s birth.

Kelly conceived a child at age 26. In anticipation of their daughter’s arrival, the delighted parents were a little anxious.

Of course, mom and dad were concerned for the unborn child’s wellbeing and hoped that, God forbid, nothing untoward would occur.

Kelly once showed her husband an ultrasound scan after she had left the hospital for a checkup.

He gasped in shock as he looked at the image. His wife was astounded when he later revealed what he had seen to her.

The image clearly depicted the outline of… an angel who appeared to be blowing the girl a kiss!

Parents interpreted it as a positive indication. The baby girl was robust and healthy when she was delivered.

After then, many years have passed, and the daughter hasn’t given her parents any reason to be worried at all.

Kelly exclaims with joy, “I think an angel has marked my baby. It’s remarkable what discoveries routine ultrasound scans can make.

The girl’s parents are overjoyed and immensely proud of her.