Grandmother asks the boy who was saving up to buy a pup to close his eyes & stretch his arms


Xander Mellor, a 6-year-old from Springfield, Illinois, had been meticulously accumulating money for 18 months with the intention of getting a dog.

He would ask his mother, Natalie Ellenburg, when she got home from work if she had any extra change and put it in his savings jar.

In order to save enough money for a puppy of his own, Xander had given up spending money on sweets and other indulgences.

When his grandparents learnt of his tenacious efforts, they made the decision to go see him and help him realize his goal by purchasing the dog he had been saving up for with such determination.

The moment his grandparents’ automobile arrives, Xander is seen in the video joyfully sprinting out of the home.

His grandmother then instructs him to close his eyes and extend his hands as a “gift” as he approaches the car’s door.

The little boy is overjoyed as he anticipates his grandmother’s gift, but he is taken aback when he opens his eyes to discover a gorgeous dog being placed in his arms.

To fulfill his desire of getting a puppy as a friend, Xander had been working hard for a very long time.

He had been working additional hours and doing odd jobs in addition to saving his allowance to be able to pay for everything.

He was surprised one day when his grandma, who had been aware of his efforts, asked him to close his eyes and extend his arms.

When he opened his eyes, he found a lovely, fluffy dog in his arms. He had been grinning broadly when he did this, believing that he would be receiving his money or a gift.

He finally got the dog of his dreams. It was a touching moment when Xander realized his ambition had come true as a result of his perseverance and hard work.

This tale serves as a powerful reminder of the value of family, the benefits of hard effort, and the potential of dream realization.

A reminder of the unadulterated joy and love that a pet can bring to a person’s life may be found in the scene where Xander opens his eyes and arms to discover a puppy within.

It emphasizes the happiness and pleasure that result from reaching a target for which one has given their all.

Furthermore, it serves as a timely reminder of the value of family support in realizing one’s goals.