Giselle had a child when she was 60 years old: How is her already seven-year-old daughter Cleopatra doing and looks


2015 saw the nation as a whole shaken by this tale. When she was 60 years old, Giselle Shubenina became a mother.

Many people quickly condemned the woman, saying that it was unusual and unjust for her to become a mother at her age.

The infant was said to have been born handicapped, unwell, or would undoubtedly become ill in the future, according to rumors and rumors.

All of these comments received no response from Giselle, who insisted that there must be a rationale for her actions.

In her early years, the woman entered into her first committed relationship.

A boy was shortly born into the household after their marriage.

The couple split up, nevertheless, as a result of the circumstances, and Giselle took on the responsibility of parenting the son alone.

She meets a man who is 8 years her junior when she is 50.

It was out of love that the couple began dating. Giselle didn’t think her luck would hold.

They experienced this loss together, and Alexei helped his lover in every way.

He soon makes a woman a marriage proposal, and they marry.

However, they started to consider having kids in the future.

Giselle chose to become pregnant despite being already elderly.

The physicians did not urge her to do this, but she chose not to heed their advice.

She thankfully persevered and gave birth to a healthy daughter.

The infant was born on January 16, 2015, and was given the name Cleopatra.

Giselle and her family received media attention as a result of this incident, and they were even asked on the TV show.

Seven years have passed since the girl was born. She is energetic, happy, and joyful.

She has no worries about her folks getting old right now.

When the baby was born, according to Giselle’s recollections, everyone around her predicted that the daughter would be ill and crippled.

But this is untrue; in terms of growth, she is on par with her classmates and is in perfect health.