For more than 40 years, this woman supported her daughter by pretending to be a guy. This is an example of maternal love


Between a mother and her child, nature created an amazing relationship.

Mom’s love may also be unconditionally selfless at times.

Devoted moms would stop at nothing to ensure their children are happy.

So, this incredible tale is a perfect illustration of how a mother might pose as a man for more than 40 years in order to protect her kid.

Meet Sisi Abu Dauh, an Egyptian woman who has donned men’s clothing for a very long time in order to work and support her daughter.

When she was just 16 years old, she was married.

She tragically lost her spouse just as she was about to give birth.

So she started introducing herself as a man to get job in order to be able to make money and feed her child.

Forty years ago, women were not permitted to work in Egypt.

She was forced to perform several labor-intensive tasks typically performed by males, like mixing concrete, lugging bricks, and working on building sites.

Despite making less than a dollar a day, she was still able to develop her modest piece of land.

She also had her little kid in control of her grandmother the entire time.

She now works as a shoe cleaner at a station.

She continues to dress as a guy even though she can no longer pretend to be one because of the passage of time and her habit of doing so.

Additionally, the authorities gave the courageous lady the “ideal mother” award in 2015.