For her birthday, the 6-year-old girl asked her parents for a really unique gift


A kind-hearted young lady from Chicago requested that the homeless be helped instead of receiving birthday presents from her parents.

Sandwiches were given by Mom Armani, but she declined, saying that she wanted to feed the less fortunate with the same food that would be served on her birthday.

The girl persisted even after Father Antoine informed her that she would not get presents in this situation.

So a Chicago family spent roughly $300 to buy meals for the area’s homeless population in East Garfield.

They purchased a broad range of meals. When Armani discussed it at a nearby church, the congregants chose to support the concept.

They gathered special hygiene care packages for an event for charity and distributed them to individuals in need.

Dental supplies, deodorants, hand sanitizers, and food were all included in each pack.

More than 125 individuals were fed by the benefactor family. It felt fantastic to be good, Armani said in an interview with ABC News.

Her mother said that the girl who was celebrating her birthday was thrilled and content.

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