Finding the 4-year-old daughter alive in the wild was no longer possible. Here’s how it all turned out


Four years ago, the Karina story generated a lot of buzz, even throughout the world.

With all the necessary gear, it would be extremely impossible for an adult to spend even one day in the jungles where the girl somehow managed to live.

The reality is that Karina and her family were in one of the most isolated and secluded towns, with just a few dozen residents.

Her parents briefly lost sight of her on the day of their abduction.

Due to the fact that the girl’s mother did not reside with Karina’s father and that he frequently brought the child to visit him in a nearby hamlet, she did not immediately raise the alarm.

Karina had left, though, and it was obvious when the man himself returned to the hamlet a few days later to visit his ex-wife. The girl’s rescue is the focus of a massive endeavor.

Her pet also vanished, in addition to the infant. Due to the numerous wild and deadly creatures that live in the Yakutia forests, namely in the vicinity of Karina’s hamlet, this could not in any way improve the situation.

Given that a bear was seen on their route, the rescuers realized it would be nearly difficult to locate the child alive.

The puppy was still pacing the house after ten days, but he was doing so independently.

He refused to leave the yard because he was scared and worn out, and the rescuers kept looking without even relying on a puppy’s assistance.

However, a miracle took place. The rescuers arrived at Karina on the eleventh day.

They discovered the girl to be terrified and thin. She was unable to walk and was taken to the hospital, where she spent over 20 days.

Later, she said that she and her puppy had been playing near a woodland when they ventured deeper into the forest after finishing their game and were unable to find their way out.

Currently, everything in the family is well.

Karina is excelling in dance, but the 8-year-old can not recall very clearly what occurred to her four years ago.

The essential thing is that everything went off without a hitch.