Couple takes in unwanted child. At the airport, a girl’s first words to her mother move everyone to tears


Little Lucy, who has Down syndrome and was abandoned for her first six years of life, is adorable.

Thankfully, this situation did not persist indefinitely. An adoption program allowed Lucy to go from China to a devoted household in the United States.

After residing in an orphanage since she was born, her adoptive family was understandably anxious when she finally came since they weren’t sure how their young daughter would respond or handle her new circumstances.

Brent and Audrey Shuk, Lucy’s adoptive parents, were highly concerned before meeting the child.

Although the couple already had five biological children, they still felt there was room in their hearts for one more kid.

As Lucy arrives at her new home and family, they first greet her at the Houston, Texas, airport.

When she finally sees her new parents, she is overcome with emotion. She had been nervously scanning the area since she arrived.

The excitement over her baby daughter prompts Audrey to hasten to meet her.

But young Lucy makes a comment that brings tears to everyone’s eyes.

The young child found it difficult to utter a single word, yet she managed to shout “MOM” loud and clear at that very time.

The wives were quite perplexed yet thrilled after hearing the narrative, which deeply moved everyone.