Childhood friends who firstly met in a hospital eventually got married


The day after their births, Australians Gemma and Daniel Langley met in the same hospital.

They were buddies when they were young, but things happened to separate them.

They were not reunited five years ago, more than twenty years later, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Gemma and Daniel’s mothers met in the maternity ward of a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, in April 1989.

Both women were having labor contractions at the same time and were in the same room.

On April 15, Daniel was born, two days after Gemma. “Even though our families were in different suburbs, my parents kept in touch until I was perhaps 9 or 10 years old.

Then, says Gemma, “they stopped talking.” Gemma first appeared on social media in 2013, on the page of a hair salon that Daniel’s sister at long last owned.

He was discovered by Gemma through his sister, and they got in touch.

The young woman decided to get her hair colored at the same salon.

She was sitting in an armchair, and Daniel hastened to meet her.

Their meeting was really good. After that, Daniel’s sister offered to take a comparison photo of the group.

“After that, we were always together! We started dating formally in November 2014,” Gemma continues.

At one of the family picnics two years later, Daniel proposed to the young woman, and she happily accepted!

The couple formally established their relationship in April 2019 and moved into their own house in lovely Kallista.

They had their first kid in March of the next year.

It is difficult to comprehend that this story of love and friendship spans 30 years.

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