As two kids notice a guy trying to shovel the snow in a wheelchair, they shout, “Stop, Dad!” We must help him!


Never undervalue a child’s judgment or emotions, since they frequently reveal far more to us than we know.

They are typically the ones that encourage us to investigate more deeply certain facets of life that we have not previously done so.

We frequently see situations where children are the magnificent protagonists of acts of charity and solidarity that not all adults would be able to carry out.

Daniel Medina should be extremely proud of his kids for inviting him to pull over when they noticed a guy in a wheelchair struggling to shovel snow from his driveway while they were driving by.

The two kids abruptly expressed a desire to halt while Daniel and his two kids were traveling home through Wisconsin’s cold and icy roadways.

The two little boys, ages 6 and 10, had observed a wheelchair-bound guy attempting to remove the snow that had collected in his driveway and observing him with evident trouble.

The kids felt obligated to go assist the stranger right away, acting like two young boy scouts.

They have an obligation to assist someone in need, regardless of how cold and snowy the weather is.

“Proud father figure time: we are speeding down S60th St close Morgan and my kids, aged 10 and 6 years, request me to halt because they observed a person in a wheelchair attempting to clean his car park and wanted to assist him.”

He wrote in his fatherly commentary after capturing the image of his kids helping the man in the wheelchair clear the snow.

We can completely appreciate Daniel’s pride in his kids because, if we were in his shoes, we would assume he was raising them properly.

We are certain that they will continue to be wonderful persons as adults since they are already so kind and willing to assist others.

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